The masts are produced according to an engineered laminate plan which has been developed over the past few years. ICEwise uses only pre-impregnated (pre-preg) carbon fiber. The reason is that pre-preg carbon has strictly controlled material-to-resin content and fiber straightness, creating predictably strong, light, and consistent laminates. Wet laminating, on the other hand, where dry carbon is wetted out with resin by hand using a paintbrush or roller, has inconsistent resin content, poor fiber straightness, and is more susceptible to manufacturing quality lapses. We took extra care to chose the resin, since the carbon masts bend extreme measures, we had to chose a resin which meets these requirements. ICEwise masts are produced under 6-8 bar (100psi) pressure and 120°C (250°F) temperature, in a computer driven oven. Some mechanical properities of these autoclave quality composites are up to 50 percent stronger in compression than those formed under vacuum pressure alone.