Icewise Hamrak Masts full carbon prepreg, high pressure heat treated

Fully equipped, ready to sail with

- CARBON socket,

- CARBON mast foot,

- 3,5 mm wire or 3 mm DYNEEMA halyard with Wichard lock pin shackle,

- stainless steel ball bearing or alu top block,

- mast hound nose 6 mm wide 8 mm hole

- thick protective cover

Price: 2700.- €


Icewise hound Triangle

100 €


Runner blade insertion (straightening, waterjet cutting of holes, straight inserting with epoxy glue, screw positioning)
150 €

Runner, 440C in Prepreg Carbon body, hardened, sharpened, ready to go
750 €/piece

Runner, Stellit Cobalt, in Prepreg Carbon body, sharpened, ready to go
1250 €/piece


Icewise Hamrak Plank S-Glass prepreg without fittings and chocks, unpainted:

1500 €


Icewise Hamrak Plank S-Glass prepreg with chocks alaigned and glued, fittings, naturell:

1900 €


Stud plate set for Hull ( Attachment plates for 4 pin Plank studs)

200 €


Stay set (Dyform Forstay + 2 Side stays + Triangle + Adjuster+ Pins)

500 €


DN Icewise Hamrak Sails: Light, Medium, Heavy:

550 €


Slim Carbon batten set for DN sails: 4 mm x 30 mm:

300 €


Hull Fittings set 3D design, CNC machined, Alu and inox:

Contains Front chock, steering post, Steering rod, mast step, Tiller

800 €


Front Chock Alu 3D machined with arm, post and spring:

200 €

Mast step 20 mm dia ball, pin type

150 €

Steering post inox with arm and head

100 €

Tiller full carbon, twist pullout

250 €

Steering rod carbon with joints

130 €